Services for Lawyers

Services Include:

  • Incorporation for Business Corporations, PREC’s, Professional Corporations for lawyers, doctors, dentists, etc., including organizing resolutions and complete minute book documents (virtual or physical);
  • Amalgamation, Amendment, Dissolution, and Revival of Corporations, Federally and Provincially, including supporting documents;
  • Unlimited Liability Corporations;
  • Not for Profit Corporations;
  • File Business Name Registrations and Extra Provincial Licences across Canada;
  • Export Corporations to another jurisdiction;
  • Convert minute books from physical to virtual;
  • Update corporate records, including re-creating lost minute books;
  • PPSA registrations;
  • Provide general corporate Law Clerk services;
  • Documentation for Share Purchases, Asset Purchases, roll overs;
  • Obtain WSIB Purchase Certificates;
  • Due diligence searches including Corporate Profiles, litigation searches, PPSA searches, Bank Act searches, Execution searches, real estate searches, etc.;
  • Wills, corporate and primary;
  • Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (with and without a Will);
  • Preparation for LSO Practice Management Audits including on site risk assessment and post audit remediation;
  • LSO filings including LSO Annual Report.

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